5-Week Courses

I decided to try designing and taking my own 5-week course in whatever I want.  The aim of my pilot course is to help me become a better teacher.

As I state in that initial project post, I have no intention of pursuing more of these 5-week courses if I don’t enjoy them.  That being said, I keep getting ideas for subjects I’d theoretically love to spend five weeks with.  That list lives here.

  • more effective presentations and/or facilitation
  • indoor, kitty-proof gardening
  • nutrition
  • cooking techniques I’ve been too lazy/intimidated to try
  • focus on violin: technique and a new (challenging) piece
  • personal finance
  • education and democracy study
  • more focus on a piece of becoming a better teacher: content, curriculum writing, teaching methods, ed psych – wow, that’s 20 weeks right there.
  • calculus – theory without algebra
  • 5 weeks of NOVA films
  • meditation
  • GTD
  • fitness
  • neighborhoods of the Twin Cities
  • thoroughly reading one or two annotated classics
  • doing a seriously deep study of a book or poem I love: Prufrock, Dune, and His Dark Materials come to mind immediately.
  • a shared study with my boyfriend or other friends – like a book club, but some sort of 5-week club.

That’s 20 potential topics, multiplied by 5 weeks each, which leaves me with 100 weeks’ worth of things I’m curious about after only 15 minutes of brainstorming.

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