Journal: First Day Impressions and Planning

Today was my first day of class! Students: 7 Countries of Origin: El Salvador, Mexico, South Korea, Honduras Objectives: Students will register Students will start learning each other’s names Teacher will get a sense of everyone’s English abilities What surprised me: I only had two students returning from last semester. I thought I would be … Continue reading Journal: First Day Impressions and Planning

Summer Vacation!

Hello! I have decided to take the summer off from publishing on this blog. The plan is to return in September when I start assistant teaching again, or possibly before. Some links around this blog that may be helpful to you while I’m away: Activity Corner Posts Writing Posts Grammar Posts Reading Posts Professional Development … Continue reading Summer Vacation!

The Value of a Writing Class

There is an incredible wealth of writing resources available for free on the internet. Aside from the ability to earn credentials (certificates, degrees, etc.), what do college ESL writing classes offer that is more valuable than the freebies? Here are three strengths of in-person writing courses, such as ones I’ve taught and assistant-taught at various community … Continue reading The Value of a Writing Class