My name is Emily. I live in Maryland. I work as a part-time ESL teacher.

The Blog

I have been teaching ESL/ESOL (English as a Second Language, or English for Speakers of Other Languages) since 2008. I call this site “Learning to Teach English” for two main reasons:

  1. Teaching is a learning process. I began teaching regularly in 2008, earned my TEFL certification in 2010 and my MA TESOL in 2013, and I am still learning.
  2. Most of my content is about teaching, not necessarily about English. In this sense, it’s geared toward teachers, not English learners. I have a different blog for ESL learners.


I have decided to pilot displaying ads on my site. Though some consider them to be a scourge upon the internet, I put time and thought into my posts. According to my blog stats, it looks like some of my content is helping some people out, and I wouldn’t mind a week of free groceries every year or two in return. Let’s see how it goes.

Photo Credit

My blog header is by John-Morgan on Flickr. I cropped it to fit the space. Thank you J-M for placing your great image under a Creative Commons license!


This paragraph is not a disclaimer. Rather, I claim my blog as my own. My posts reflect my own personal opinions. I form my opinions by reading and listening, reflecting on my own work experiences with several organizations, and engaging in conversations with a wide variety of people. I do not talk specifically about where I work because it would be irrelevant.


Constructive comments are always welcome even if you disagree with me. However, I will delete spam and troll comments without a second thought.

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