Blog Evolution

A bit about the evolution of this blog:

It started out when I had no internet in my home in Minnesota but wanted to blog anyway.  So I blogged about what blogging was like without home internet.  That might explain the URL.  A few weeks later, I finally managed to fix my home internet.  I decided to keep the blog going because the issue of access still interested me and because writing helps me think.

At the time my job was mainly in an office but also involved doing site visits and running trainings for members of National Service.  I found myself musing a lot about how to work smart and about career strategy, so my posts tended to fall into those categories.

Then, I accepted a different position within my organization.  I coordinated an ABE learning center that operates within a local public library.  As a result, I became more involved with immigrant and refugee issues as well as teaching and volunteer management.  I also went on a self-education kick.

After about a year and a half in that wonderful position, I moved to Maryland.  I’m currently working as a part-time ESL instructor and slowly pursuing my Master’s degree in TESOL.

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