EdWeb and Pondering

Today at a meeting, we were talking about EdWeb, a list of websites for Adult Basic Education (ABE) classroom use vetted and categorized by ABE teachers.

Someone asked if this was antiquated – what’s the point when you can just do a Google search and get a whole slew of different websites?

Someone else replied that the vetting was important because it assured quality.  The massive Google list includes a lot of junk.

I’ve had a lot of informal library training in my life, so I’ve been in the “vet it!” camp for as long as I can remember.  I have a theory, though, that the general public (meaning the “not-necessarily-indoctrinated-at-a-young-age-by-a-reference-librarian” public) might be joining this camp.

I think this for the exact reason the first person stated.  Pretty much anybody really can get a huge list of relevant websites with the ease of a Google search.  What’s harder to get is a categorized list of high quality website, and what’s even harder is knowing where to start.  So the perceived value of the all-inclusive list is decreasing while the perceived value of the Top 10 list is increasing.


Google. Notebook.

Google Notebook is my new favorite thing ever.

You can collect bookmarks, web snippets, and your own notes together and organize them by topics in different notebooks.  You can let other people on gmail collaborate or keep your notebooks private.

I do love del.icio.us for the social bookmarking that it is, but sometimes you need a more flexible and comprehensive digital notebook.  Here it is!

Did I mention it has browser add-ons available?  A little Notebook icon now lives at the bottom of Firefox on my computer, just waiting for me to open it and add.  It’s so beautiful!

For the record, no, Google is not paying me.