Docuticker – I’m A Little Obsessed

I want to give a shout-out to an awesome website an academic reference librarian showed me:

Docuticker - Blog of Documents!
Docuticker - Blog of Documents!

Basically, the blog is run by librarians who troll the universe for documents they see as important and from reliable sources (i.e. scientific research, government reports, Think Tank results, statistics summaries, etc.) and post them in a blog, occasionally with limited commentary.  The focus is on the documents.

You can search Docuticker’s archives by the date of the post or by category (there’s a nonprofit category!), and can even put it in your RSS feed, though be warned – it’s high volume posting!

That’s pretty much it.  Resources selected by information professionals, brilliantly simple for the user.  Do check it out!

And once you have checked it out… do you think that comments would add or detract from what Docuticker does?  How could it be more interactive and still maintain its apparent goal of being a pure resource?


I just happened upon, “benchmarking for nonprofits.”  I was hoping it was a resource of best-practices, but at first glance it seems to be focused purely on measurement of outcomes.  Still, very cool idea.  I’ll be looking at it more to see if it leaves me disappointed or inspired.


I quick spied on it using Technorati.  Technorati is officially the best idea ever.